American Century Investments Prime Money Market Fund Class A


7-day Yield
as of 7/19/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
24% Treasuries
38% Variable Rate Demand Notes
1% Municipal Bonds
5% CDs
5% Financial CP
16% Asset-Backed CP
11% Other Instruments
as of 5/31/2024


Portfolio Securities

Deutsche Bank Spears/Lifers Trust 5.890000%5.89%2.83%
New Hampshire Business Finance Authority 5.550000%5.55%2.30%
Nuveen Variable Rate Preferred & Income Fund 5.540000%5.54%1.95%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.620000%5.62%1.70%
Deutsche Bank Spears/Lifers Trust 5.890000%5.89%1.70%
12th & Yesler Owner LLC 5.450000%5.45%1.24%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.550000%5.55%1.23%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.620000%5.62%0.98%
Nuveen Preferred & Income Opportunities Fund 5.510000%5.51%0.92%
412 Madison LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.85%
City & County of San Francisco, CA 5.500000%5.50%0.83%
Allen C Stonecipher Life Insurance Trust 5.450000%5.45%0.82%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 5.470000%5.47%0.80%
Uptown Newport Building Owner LP 5.500000%5.50%0.80%
Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund 5.500000%5.50%0.73%
New York State Dormitory Authority 5.500000%5.50%0.73%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 5.500000%5.50%0.73%
New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority 5.500000%5.50%0.73%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 5.500000%5.50%0.73%
Shil Park Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (The) 5.450000%5.45%0.69%
Pasadena Public Financing Authority 5.440000%5.44%0.65%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.590000%5.59%0.65%
State of Oregon Housing and Community Services Department 5.400000%5.40%0.64%
Synergy Colgan Creek LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.64%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.620000%5.62%0.63%
Bellevue 10 Apartments LLC 5.490000%5.49%0.58%
SRM Culver City LP 5.450000%5.45%0.56%
Cypress Bend Real Estate Development Co. LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.55%
Gold River 659 LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.55%
SRMHayward LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.54%
General Secretariat of the Organization of American States 5.400000%5.40%0.53%
New York State Dormitory Authority 5.500000%5.50%0.51%
Barbour Issuing Trust 5.450000%5.45%0.51%
Foothill Garden NV Investors LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.50%
Fiore Capital LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.48%
Jefferson Exchange at Riverside LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.47%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.730000%5.73%0.47%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.550000%5.55%0.45%
Nicholas David Nurse 2020 Irrevocable Trust (The) 5.450000%5.45%0.45%
CG-USA Simi Valley LP 5.450000%5.45%0.44%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.590000%5.59%0.43%
KDF Glenview LP 5.450000%5.45%0.37%
Finance Authority Wisconsin Hospital Revenue 5.450000%5.45%0.35%
AHI Fund II LLC 5.400000%5.40%0.34%
500 Columbia Place LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.32%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.620000%5.62%0.31%
JoEllyn G Slott 2023 Family Trust 5.450000%5.45%0.28%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 5.500000%5.50%0.26%
Labcon North America 5.500000%5.50%0.26%
County of Broward, FL 5.410000%5.41%0.23%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 5.480000%5.48%0.23%
Ness Family Partners LP 5.500000%5.50%0.22%
Champion Insurance Trust 5.450000%5.45%0.20%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 5.500000%5.50%0.18%
Krawitz Family Insurance Trust (The) 5.450000%5.45%0.18%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 5.500000%5.50%0.16%
Anton Santa Cruz LLC 5.450000%5.45%0.15%
Kentucky Housing Corp. 5.430000%5.43%0.13%
Steve Welch Family Insurance Trust 5.450000%5.45%0.13%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 5.500000%5.50%0.12%
Labcon North America 5.500000%5.50%0.09%
Kentucky Housing Corp. 5.450000%5.45%0.07%
Kentucky Housing Corp. 5.450000%5.45%0.06%
Bridgeton Industrial Development Authority 5.610000%5.61%0.04%
Parish of St Charles, LA 5.480000%5.48%0.03%
Akron Bath Copley Joint Township Hospital District 5.410000%5.41%0.03%
Illinois Housing Development Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.00%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.38%2.73%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.36%2.49%
U.S. Treasury Note 5.525700%5.33%2.30%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%1.94%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.36%1.81%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.40%1.80%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%1.59%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.36%1.58%
U.S. Treasury Note 5.362700%5.32%1.54%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.31%1.41%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.36%1.36%
U.S. Treasury Note 5.494700%5.35%1.15%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%0.91%
U.S. Treasury Note 4.125000%5.29%0.68%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.34%0.66%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.35%0.46%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.36%0.45%
Overwatch Alpha Funding LLC5.41%3.49%
Podium Funding Trust 5.800000%5.46%2.30%
Chariot Funding LLC 5.630000%5.66%2.09%
Ionic Funding LLC5.41%1.48%
Podium Funding Trust5.36%1.14%
Collateralized Commercial Paper V Co. LLC 5.630000%5.58%1.04%
Old Line Funding LLC 5.630000%5.63%0.92%
Endeavour Funding Co. LLC5.40%0.77%
Alinghi Funding Co. LLC5.36%0.69%
Bedford Row Funding Corp. 5.910000%5.43%0.69%
Ionic Funding LLC5.41%0.59%
Ionic Funding LLC5.37%0.46%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC 5.550000%5.65%0.23%
Mainbeach Funding LLC5.37%0.16%
Washington Morgan Capital Co. LLC5.44%0.13%
Credit Suisse AG 4.750000%5.66%3.00%
Credit Agricole SA/London 3.250000%5.68%1.45%
Royal Bank of Canada 2.250000%5.48%1.32%
Credit Suisse AG 7.950000%5.73%0.93%
Toronto-Dominion Bank (The) 5.680000%5.64%0.55%
UBS AG/London 5.780000%5.57%0.54%
Banco Santander SA 5.742000%6.62%0.46%
Bank of Nova Scotia (The) 2.200000%5.66%0.45%
Credit Suisse AG 3.625000%5.58%0.39%
Royal Bank of Canada 5.770000%5.60%0.37%
Royal Bank of Canada 5.690000%5.56%0.30%
Bank of Montreal 5.650000%5.56%0.25%
Royal Bank of Canada 2.550000%5.50%0.23%
Cooperatieve Rabobank UA 2.625000%5.44%0.19%
Royal Bank of Canada 0.650000%5.58%0.18%
Bank of Nova Scotia (The) 0.650000%5.64%0.16%
Banco Santander SA 2.706000%5.72%0.15%
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 6.411600%5.60%0.14%
Royal Bank of Canada 5.670000%5.47%0.14%
Santander UK PLC 2.875000%5.77%0.11%
Bank of Montreal 0.625000%5.89%0.10%
Bank of Montreal 6.040000%5.57%0.10%
JP Morgan Securities LLC 5.940000%5.52%1.68%
ANZ New Zealand Internation Ltd.5.30%1.01%
Banco Santander SA5.34%0.75%
JP Morgan Securities LLC 5.700000%5.66%0.65%
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.5.34%0.49%
Banco Santander SA 5.610000%5.61%0.46%
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. 5.800000%5.43%0.22%
Bank of Montreal 5.630000%5.43%0.92%
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 5.580000%5.58%0.92%
Wells Fargo Bank N.A. 5.910000%5.40%0.91%
Royal Bank of Canada 5.770000%5.43%0.73%
Toronto-Dominion Bank (The) 5.980000%5.45%0.55%
Wells Fargo Bank N.A. 5.980000%5.41%0.48%
Wells Fargo Bank N.A. 5.850000%5.40%0.07%
Wells Fargo Bank N.A. 5.930000%5.40%0.07%
Colorado State University System5.48%0.55%
Metropolitan Transportation Authority Payroll Mobility Tax Revenue 5.500000%5.32%0.55%
City of New York 2.520000%5.63%0.04%
City of New York 1.280000%5.44%0.03%