AB Government Money Market Portfolio Class K


7-day Yield
as of 3/1/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
31% Treasuries
40% Treasury Repos
19% Agency Securities
10% Agency Repos
as of 1/31/2024


Portfolio Securities

Federal Reserve Bank of New York 5.300000%5.30%7.32%
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. 5.330000%5.33%6.56%
JP Morgan Securities LLC 5.330000%5.33%6.56%
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. 5.320000%5.32%3.50%
Fixed Income Clearing Corp. (FICC)/State Street Bank & Trust Co. 5.290000%5.29%2.19%
HSBC Securities USA, Inc. 5.330000%5.33%2.19%
Bank of America NA 5.400000%5.40%2.19%
Bank of America NA 5.340000%5.34%2.19%
BNP Paribas SA 5.380000%5.38%2.19%
Standard Chartered Bank 5.310000%5.31%1.53%
Bank of America NA 5.330000%5.33%1.31%
BNP Paribas SA 5.420000%5.42%1.31%
Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank 5.320000%5.32%1.09%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.34%3.04%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%3.04%
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note 5.434900%5.45%2.62%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.29%2.18%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.35%2.18%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.31%2.16%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.34%2.15%
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note 5.464900%5.48%1.75%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.33%1.41%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.33%1.31%
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note 5.494900%5.46%1.27%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.36%1.23%
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note 5.463900%5.47%1.14%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.38%1.11%
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note 5.419900%5.48%1.09%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.33%1.07%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.31%1.05%
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note 5.331900%5.42%0.87%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.320000%5.18%1.48%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.350000%5.35%1.09%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.20%0.87%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.350000%5.36%0.87%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.11%0.87%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.360000%5.27%0.87%
Federal Home Loan Bank4.70%0.85%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.410000%5.38%0.74%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.465000%5.47%0.70%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.400000%5.37%0.57%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.350000%5.35%0.44%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.360000%5.36%0.44%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.375000%5.36%0.44%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.410000%5.37%0.44%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.580000%5.65%0.44%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.390000%5.37%0.44%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.450000%5.43%0.44%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.470000%5.46%0.44%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.465000%5.49%0.44%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.470000%5.49%0.44%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.345000%5.35%0.43%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.11%0.43%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.390000%5.36%0.41%
Federal Farm Credit Bank4.80%0.28%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.505000%5.49%0.27%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.390000%5.36%0.26%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.360000%5.40%0.22%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.370000%5.38%0.22%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.370000%5.40%0.22%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.390000%5.36%0.22%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.400000%5.41%0.22%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.410000%5.37%0.22%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.405000%5.41%0.22%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.405000%5.39%0.22%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.520000%5.44%0.22%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.440000%5.42%0.22%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.505000%5.51%0.22%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.350000%5.35%0.21%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.400000%5.39%0.21%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.370000%5.36%0.15%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.470000%5.45%0.13%
Federal Farm Credit Bank5.11%0.11%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.410000%5.37%0.09%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.480000%5.51%0.06%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.395000%5.37%0.03%
Federal Home Loan Bank 4.755000%5.37%0.01%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.18%0.01%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.460000%5.42%0.01%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.480000%5.42%0.01%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.470000%5.42%0.01%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.000000%5.33%0.00%
Federal Home Loan Bank 4.750000%5.40%0.00%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.23%0.00%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.370000%5.40%0.00%
Fixed Income Clearing Corp. (FICC)/Mizuho Securities USA LLC 5.320000%5.32%5.25%
Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC 5.320000%5.32%1.75%
BNP Paribas SA 5.320000%5.32%1.09%
Toronto-Dominion Bank (The) 5.320000%5.32%0.87%
Bank of America NA 5.320000%5.32%0.44%
Bank of America NA 5.320000%5.32%0.44%
Mizuho Securities USA LLC 5.320000%5.32%0.44%