American Century Investments Tax-Free Money Market Fund Investor Class


7-day Yield
as of 6/21/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
95% Variable Rate Demand Notes
5% Municipal Bonds
as of 5/31/2024


Portfolio Securities

Phoenix Realty Special Account-U LP 3.930000%3.93%4.29%
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. 3.660000%3.66%3.68%
St. Paul Port Authority 3.610000%3.61%3.24%
South Carolina State Housing Finance & Development Authority 3.570000%3.57%3.22%
Deutsche Bank Spears/Lifers Trust 3.760000%3.76%3.03%
Illinois Finance Authority 3.400000%3.40%2.81%
City of Oxford, AL 4.000000%4.00%2.70%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.710000%3.71%2.60%
Illinois Housing Development Authority 3.400000%3.40%2.57%
State of Texas 3.400000%3.40%2.53%
Nevada Housing Division 3.460000%3.46%2.52%
JEA Water & Sewer System Revenue 3.440000%3.44%2.51%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.710000%3.71%2.48%
Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority 3.450000%3.45%2.40%
Louisiana Housing Corp. 3.400000%3.40%2.38%
RBC Municipal Products, Inc. Trust 3.460000%3.46%2.31%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.410000%3.41%2.02%
Deutsche Bank Spears/Lifers Trust 4.400000%4.40%1.82%
District of Columbia 3.340000%3.34%1.73%
Illinois Finance Authority 3.440000%3.44%1.66%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.410000%3.41%1.58%
Illinois Housing Development Authority 3.360000%3.36%1.54%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 3.710000%3.71%1.52%
Louisiana Public Facilities Authority 3.550000%3.55%1.49%
South Carolina Public Service Authority 3.520000%3.52%1.33%
Illinois Development Finance Authority 3.550000%3.55%1.30%
Mission Economic Development Corp. 3.500000%3.50%1.27%
Village of Palatine 3.490000%3.49%1.21%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.480000%3.48%1.21%
Rib Floater Trust Various States 3.610000%3.61%1.21%
Nevada Housing Division 3.460000%3.46%1.13%
Halifax Hospital Medical Center 3.460000%3.46%1.10%
Illinois Development Finance Authority 3.400000%3.40%1.09%
Clarksville Public Building Authority 3.470000%3.47%1.09%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.460000%3.46%0.97%
Covington Industrial Development Board 3.650000%3.65%0.91%
City of Minneapolis, MN 3.400000%3.40%0.89%
Mississippi Business Finance Corp 3.900000%3.90%0.88%
Washington State Housing Finance Commission 3.590000%3.59%0.88%
Southwestern Illinois Development Authority 3.660000%3.66%0.85%
South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority 3.380000%3.38%0.73%
Illinois Educational Facilities Authority 3.370000%3.37%0.73%
Blount County Industrial Development Board 3.460000%3.46%0.73%
Illinois Housing Development Authority 3.550000%3.55%0.73%
Iowa Finance Authority 3.410000%3.41%0.64%
Rib Floater Trust Various States 3.610000%3.61%0.64%
Mississippi Business Finance Corp 3.970000%3.97%0.61%
Wisconsin Health & Educational Facilities Authority 3.350000%3.35%0.56%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.440000%3.44%0.56%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 3.710000%3.71%0.55%
Hillsborough County Industrial Development Authority 3.490000%3.49%0.49%
Illinois Educational Facilities Authority 3.400000%3.40%0.49%
City of Minneapolis, MN 3.450000%3.45%0.49%
County of Palm Beach, FL 3.370000%3.37%0.49%
RBC Municipal Products, Inc. Trust 3.400000%3.40%0.49%
Illinois Finance Authority 3.400000%3.40%0.48%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.490000%3.49%0.48%
County of Elkhart 3.570000%3.57%0.47%
Mississippi Business Finance Corp. 3.900000%3.90%0.46%
Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority Home Ownership Revenue 3.550000%3.55%0.45%
Abag Finance Authority for Nonprofit Corporations 3.350000%3.35%0.44%
Lower Cape Fear Water & Sewer Authority 3.450000%3.45%0.42%
Mississippi Business Finance Corp. 3.900000%3.90%0.42%
New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority 4.000000%4.00%0.42%
Mississippi Business Finance Corp. 4.000000%4.00%0.40%
Illinois Development Finance Authority 3.340000%3.34%0.36%
State of Texas 3.460000%3.46%0.36%
City of New York 4.000000%4.00%0.36%
South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority 3.570000%3.57%0.36%
Illinois Finance Authority 3.410000%3.41%0.32%
Illinois Finance Authority 3.400000%3.40%0.30%
Pinellas County Housing Finance Authority 3.410000%3.41%0.30%
County of Jefferson, CO 3.450000%3.45%0.27%
Clarksville Public Building Authority 3.470000%3.47%0.27%
City of Wright City, MO 3.500000%3.50%0.25%
Indiana Development Finance Authority 3.680000%3.68%0.23%
Tarrant County Housing Finance Corp. 3.420000%3.42%0.21%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 3.710000%3.71%0.21%
State of Texas 3.450000%3.45%0.20%
State of Texas 3.450000%3.45%0.19%
Harris County Health Facilities Development Corp. 4.100000%4.10%0.18%
Harris County Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp. 4.100000%4.10%0.18%
State of Texas 3.400000%3.40%0.15%
Pinellas County Health Facilities Authority 3.400000%3.40%0.13%
Mississippi Business Finance Corp 3.900000%3.90%0.12%
Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority Housing Revenue 3.300000%3.30%0.11%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.710000%3.71%0.06%
Massachusetts Health & Educational Facilities Authority 4.000000%4.00%0.06%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.490000%3.49%0.06%
University of Texas Permanent University Fund 3.580000%3.63%1.82%
County of Hillsborough FL 3.700000%3.70%1.82%
County of Riverside CA 3.875000%3.62%0.91%
Colorado State Education Loan Program 4.500000%4.04%0.28%