Evergreen Select Money Market Trust


7-day Yield
as of 1/26/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
5% Treasury Repos
77% Variable Rate Demand Notes
18% Tender Option Bonds
as of 12/31/2023


Portfolio Securities

County of St Lucie, FL 4.200000%4.19%4.72%
Bartow-Cartersville Joint Development Authority 4.210000%4.20%4.72%
State of California 3.700000%3.69%4.72%
County of Hamilton OH 4.000000%3.99%4.72%
District of Columbia 4.050000%4.04%3.78%
Nuveen Quality Municipal Income Fund 3.970000%3.96%3.78%
State of Louisiana Gasoline & Fuels Tax Revenue 4.000000%3.99%3.78%
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority (The) 4.050000%4.04%3.78%
Rutgers State UniversitySeries G Series 2007-1, Class A3B 4.060000%4.05%3.30%
East Baton Rouge Parish Industrial Development Board, Inc. 3.950000%3.94%3.30%
County of Allen OH Hospital Facilities Revenue 4.100000%4.09%2.94%
Port of Port Arthur Navigation District 4.200000%4.19%2.83%
Louisville Regional Airport Authority 4.450000%4.44%2.83%
Illinois Finance Authority 4.150000%4.14%2.83%
Arizona Health Facilities Authority 4.050000%4.04%2.83%
Indiana Finance Authority Series 1 4.100000%4.09%2.65%
Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority 3.910000%3.90%2.36%
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission 3.750000%3.74%2.36%
California Statewide Communities Development Authority 3.910000%3.90%2.36%
Iowa Finance Authority 4.150000%4.14%1.96%
Nuveen AMT-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund 4.320000%4.31%1.89%
City of Minneapolis, MN 3.950000%3.94%1.89%
Illinois Housing Development Authority 3.760000%3.75%1.42%
City of Jeffersonville, IN 4.060000%4.05%1.32%
City of RochesterSeries B Series 2007-1, Class A3B 3.800000%3.79%1.23%
Pinal County Industrial Development Authority 3.960000%3.95%1.18%
New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority 4.100000%4.09%0.94%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 3.990000%3.98%4.12%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 4.470000%4.46%3.78%
RBC Municipal Products, Inc. Trust 3.930000%3.92%3.40%
JPMorgan Chase Putters/Drivers Trust 4.850000%4.84%3.30%
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. 3.900000%3.89%1.62%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 4.240000%4.23%1.11%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 4.270000%4.26%0.20%
Citigroup Global Markets Holdings, Inc. 5.330000%5.40%5.19%