DWS ESG Liquidity Fund Institutional Reserved Shares


7-day Yield
as of 3/1/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
3% Treasuries
9% Treasury Repos
8% Agency Repos
8% Variable Rate Demand Notes
11% CDs
13% Non-Negotiable CDs
3% Corporate Repos
34% Financial CP
11% Non-Financial CP
as of 1/31/2024


Portfolio Securities

Great Bear Funding LLC5.32%2.96%
Autobahn Funding Co. LLC5.32%1.98%
Westpac Banking Corp. 5.810000%5.41%1.98%
Glencove Funding LLC5.36%1.95%
Antalis SA5.41%1.57%
LMA Americas LLC5.36%0.99%
ING U.S. Funding LLC 5.670000%5.39%0.99%
ANZ New Zealand Int'l Ltd. 5.570000%5.39%0.99%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC 5.530000%5.51%0.99%
Great Bear Funding LLC 5.670000%5.67%0.99%
Great Bear Funding LLC 5.610000%5.61%0.99%
Glencove Funding LLC5.35%0.98%
Federation des Caisses Desjardins du Quebec5.35%0.98%
Britannia Funding Co. LLC5.40%0.98%
United Overseas Bank Ltd.5.42%0.98%
National Bank of Canada5.45%0.98%
Standard Chartered Bank5.30%0.98%
Cancara Asset Securitisation LLC5.36%0.98%
Alinghi Funding Co. LLC5.26%0.97%
Pricoa Short Term Funding LLC5.21%0.96%
Westpac Banking Corp.5.11%0.96%
Kookmin Bank5.57%0.88%
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 5.860000%5.52%0.79%
Svenska Handelsbanken AB5.06%0.76%
Barton Capital SA5.34%0.59%
National Australia Bank Ltd. 5.560000%5.40%0.59%
National Australia Bank Ltd. 5.640000%5.41%0.59%
Alinghi Funding Co. LLC5.31%0.58%
Barclays Capital, Inc.5.33%0.49%
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Ltd.5.34%0.49%
Federation des Caisses Desjardins du Quebec5.35%0.44%
Swedbank AB 5.690000%5.42%0.40%
Barton Capital SA5.39%0.39%
Standard Chartered Bank5.31%0.39%
Macquarie Bank Ltd.5.50%0.39%
First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC5.33%0.20%
Mizuho Bank Ltd. 5.320000%5.32%4.94%
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 5.310000%5.31%4.54%
Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank 5.300000%5.30%3.95%
Toronto-Dominion Bank 5.860000%5.37%0.99%
Swedbank AB 5.670000%5.42%0.99%
Bank of America NA 5.670000%5.44%0.99%
First Abu Dhabi Bank USA NV 5.700000%5.41%0.99%
Bank of America NA 5.970000%5.28%0.99%
Citibank NA 5.740000%5.29%0.99%
HSBC Bank USA NA 5.790000%5.22%0.99%
Nordea Bank ABP 5.810000%5.40%0.59%
Kookmin Bank 5.860000%5.65%0.59%
HSBC Bank USA NA 5.970000%5.30%0.59%
Svenska Handelsbanken AB 5.860000%5.40%0.49%
HSBC Bank USA NA 5.820000%5.37%0.49%
Nordea Bank ABP 5.680000%5.40%0.49%
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Ltd. 5.560000%5.39%0.40%
Toronto-Dominion Bank 5.860000%5.44%0.20%
Novartis Finance Corp.5.30%1.97%
DCAT LLC5.37%1.86%
Pfizer, Inc.5.29%0.99%
Cisco Systems, Inc.5.33%0.98%
New York Life Short Term Funding LLC5.43%0.98%
Microsoft Corp.5.24%0.97%
Chesham Finance Ltd.5.43%0.84%
Province of Quebec, Canada5.30%0.59%
Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.5.42%0.49%
Sanofi SA5.32%0.49%
Export Development Canada5.28%0.49%
Fixed Income Clearing Corp. 5.320000%5.32%5.93%
BNP Paribas Fortis SA 5.320000%5.32%3.55%
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%1.93%
Colorado, State Housing and Finance Authority, Multi Family Project, Series C 5.350000%5.35%1.80%
Colorado, State Housing and Finance Authority, Series C-2 5.350000%5.35%1.73%
Wisconsin, State Housing & Economic Development Authority, Series B 5.330000%5.33%1.21%
Wisconsin, State Housing & Economic Development Authority, Series F 5.330000%5.33%0.56%
Illinois, State Housing Development Authority, Homeowner Mortgage Revenue Bonds, Series A 5.350000%5.35%0.52%
Maine State Housing Authority, Mortgage Purchase, Series E 5.370000%5.37%0.22%
Illinois, State Housing Development Authority, Homeowner Mortgage Revenue Bonds, Series A 5.350000%5.35%0.20%
Royal Bank of Canada 5.320000%5.32%8.04%
BNP Paribas Fortis SA 5.390000%5.39%2.96%
U.S. Treasury Note 5.219900%5.35%0.99%
U.S. Treasury Bill4.81%0.95%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.34%0.59%