First American Institutional Prime Obligations Fund Class Y


7-day Yield
as of 5/22/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
22% Treasury Repos
5% CDs
9% Non-Negotiable CDs
27% Corporate Repos
17% Financial CP
10% Asset-Backed CP
9% Non-Financial CP
1% Other Instruments
as of 4/30/2024


Portfolio Securities

HSBC Securities (USA), Inc. 5.42%5.50%4.25%
Societe Generale 5.50%5.58%3.93%
MUFG Securities Americas Inc. 5.39%5.46%2.83%
TD Securities (USA) LLC 5.39%5.46%2.75%
BNP Paribas 5.47%5.55%2.44%
TD Securities (USA) LLC 5.39%5.46%1.26%
BofA Securities, Inc. 5.37%5.44%1.18%
JP Morgan Securities LLC 5.47%5.55%1.18%
BNP Paribas 5.57%5.65%1.18%
JP Morgan Securities LLC 5.72%5.80%1.18%
BNP Paribas 5.40%5.48%0.79%
MUFG Securities Americas Inc. 5.38%5.45%0.79%
BofA Securities, Inc. 5.57%5.65%0.79%
MUFG Securities Americas Inc. 5.38%5.45%0.63%
ING Financial Markets LLC 5.40%5.48%0.47%
Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank 5.38%5.45%0.39%
HSBC Securities (USA), Inc. 5.57%5.65%0.39%
BNP Paribas 5.41%5.49%0.31%
Bank of Nova Scotia 5.30%5.37%12.93%
Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank 5.28%5.35%9.34%
New York Life Short Term Funding LLC5.38%1.71%
Svenska Handelsbanken AB5.71%1.17%
Barclays Bank UK PLC5.39%0.79%
New York Life Short Term Funding LLC5.40%0.78%
Nederlandse Waterschaps5.36%0.73%
Pacific Life Short Term Funding LLC5.40%0.68%
CDP Financial Inc5.65%0.63%
CDP Financial Inc5.66%0.62%
Nederlandse Waterschaps5.38%0.57%
Nederlandse Waterschaps5.30%0.55%
CDP Financial Inc5.30%0.55%
Pacific Life Short Term Funding LLC5.40%0.51%
New York Life Short Term Funding LLC5.41%0.51%
CDP Financial Inc5.41%0.39%
CDP Financial Inc5.62%0.39%
New York Life Short Term Funding LLC5.42%0.39%
Cooperatieve Rabobank UA5.63%0.39%
Goldman Sachs International5.44%0.39%
Citigroup Global Markets Inc5.71%0.39%
Nordea Bank ABP5.56%0.39%
PSP Capital Inc5.46%0.39%
Svenska Handelsbanken AB5.29%0.39%
Toronto Dominion Bank5.73%0.39%
Royal Bank of Canada5.67%0.39%
Westpac Banking Corp5.70%0.39%
PSP Capital Inc5.23%0.39%
ANZ New Zealand International/London5.25%0.39%
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd 5.79%5.87%0.39%
National Australia Bank Ltd5.17%0.39%
ANZ New Zealand International/London5.17%0.38%
Mizuho Bank Ltd/NY5.40%0.31%
Westpac Banking Corp5.66%0.31%
Longship Funding LLC5.39%0.79%
Longship Funding LLC5.40%0.79%
Autobahn Funding Co LLC5.40%0.79%
Autobahn Funding CO LLC5.40%0.79%
Longship Funding LLC5.41%0.79%
Old Line Funding LLC 5.45%5.53%0.79%
Liberty Street Funding LLC5.41%0.78%
Fairway Finance Co LLC5.31%0.78%
Liberty Street Funding LLC5.36%0.55%
Liberty Street Funding LLC5.65%0.55%
Fairway Finance Co LLC5.39%0.55%
Manhattan Asset Funding Co5.40%0.39%
Manhattan Asset Funding Co5.42%0.39%
Old Line Funding LLC 5.55%5.63%0.39%
Old Line Funding LLC 5.46%5.54%0.39%
Bedford Row Funding Corp 5.62%5.70%0.39%
TotalEnergies Capital SA5.39%1.57%
PACCAR Financial Corp5.37%1.18%
TotalEnergies Capital SA5.41%0.79%
TotalEnergies Capital SA5.41%0.79%
TotalEnergies Capital SA5.41%0.79%
Walmart Inc5.38%0.78%
John Deere Capital Corp5.37%0.78%
Nestle Finance International Ltd5.39%0.78%
Siemens Capital Co LLC5.38%0.55%
Novartis Finance Corp5.39%0.39%
Microsoft Corporation5.42%0.39%
Johnson & Johnson5.37%0.39%
Cooperatieve Rabobank UA, New York Branch 5.30%5.37%4.33%
Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, New York Branch 5.30%5.37%4.33%
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust/NY 5.31%5.38%1.97%
Bank of America NA 5.69%5.77%1.18%
Svenska Handelsbanken/NY 5.67%5.75%0.39%
Wells Fargo Bank NA 5.82%5.80%0.39%
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce/NY 5.78%5.86%0.39%
Bank of Montreal/Chicago 5.96%6.04%0.39%
DZ Bank AG/NY 5.46%5.54%0.39%
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank/NY 6.02%5.56%0.23%
Novartis Capital Corp 3.40%5.60%0.44%
Nordea Bank ABP 0.63%5.51%0.39%