First American Retail Tax Free Obligations Fund Class Z


7-day Yield
as of 7/19/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
75% Variable Rate Demand Notes
7% Municipal Bonds
18% Non-Financial CP
as of 5/31/2024


Portfolio Securities

HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL CENTER, Industrial Development Authority of Loudoun County, Virginia, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Issue, Series 2003E 3.30%3.29%5.28%
PORT TACOMA WA REVENUE, Port of Tacoma, Subordinate Lien Revenue Bonds, Series 2008B 3.25%3.24%5.02%
PENNSYLVANIA ST TURNPIKE COMMI, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Variable Rate Turnpike Revenue Bonds, Series 2020A 3.32%3.31%4.84%
MACON GA WTR AUTH, Macon Water Authority, Tax-Exempt Adjustable Mode Water & Sewer Refunding and Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series 2018B 3.44%3.43%4.53%
NORTON HEALTHCARE OBLIG, Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government, Norton Healthcare, Inc, Series 2013C 3.30%3.29%4.49%
NEW YORK CITY NY TRANSITIONAL, New York City Transitional Finance Authority Future Tax Secured Subordinate Bonds, Series 2013C-5 3.31%3.30%4.48%
MIAMI-DADE CNTY FL SPL OBLIG, Miami-Dade County, Florida, Juvenile Courthouse Project, Series 2003B 3.35%3.34%4.25%
Illinois Finance Authority, Steppenwolf Theatre Company Project, Series 2019 3.40%3.39%3.49%
RICHARD H DRIEHAUS MUSEUM, Illinois Finance Authority, Richard Driehaus Foundation, Series 2005 3.55%3.54%3.20%
ST IGNATIUS COLLEGE PREP, Illinois Finance Authority, St. Ignatius College Prep Project, Series 2006 3.34%3.33%3.17%
HOUSTON TX UTILITY SYS REVENUE, City of Houston, Texas, Combined Utility System, Series 2018C 3.36%3.35%3.13%
CHEVRON USA INC, Mississippi Business Finance Corporation, Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Project, Series 2007E 4.00%3.99%2.81%
HALIFAX HOSP MED CTR OBL, Halifax Hospital Medical Center Daytona Beach, Florida, Series 2008 3.46%3.45%2.59%
TEXAS CHILDRENS HOSP OBLG, Harris County Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corporation, Texas Children's Hospital, Series 2015-2 3.35%3.34%2.58%
Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority, Macalester College, Series Five-Q 3.45%3.44%2.39%
CHEVRON USA INC, Mississippi Business Finance Corporation, Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Project, Series 2009C 4.00%3.99%2.10%
EXXONMOBIL PIPELINE COMPANY, Valdez Alaska Marine Terminal Revenue, Exxon Pipeline Company Project, Series 1993-A 3.97%3.96%2.05%
ASPIRUS INC OBL GROUP, Wisconsin Health and Educational Facilities Authority, Aspirus Wasau Hospital, Inc., Series 2004 3.35%3.34%1.98%
PHOEBUS SQUARE LP, Portsmouth Redevelopment & Housing Authority, Phoebus Square Apartments, Series 2008 3.46%3.45%1.90%
HOUSTON TX UTILITY SYS REVENUE, City of Houston, Texas, Combined Utility System, Series 2004B 3.36%3.35%1.59%
Illinois Finance Authority, The Latin School of Chicago Project, Series 2005A 3.41%3.40%1.37%
Illinois Educational Facilities Authority, The Adler Planetarium, Series 1997 3.30%3.29%1.35%
CLARK CNTY NV ARPT REVENUE, Clark County, Navada Airport System, Series 2008D 3.30%3.29%1.25%
UNIV OF VT HLTH OBLIG GRP, Vermont Educational and Health Buildings Financing Agency, Fletcher Allen Health Care Project, Series 2004A 3.65%3.64%1.08%
IOWA HLTH SYS OBLIG GRP, Iowa Finance Authority Revenue Bonds, UnityPoint Health, Series 2018F 3.85%3.84%1.00%
Indiana Finance Authority, Parkview Health System Obligated Group, Series 2009C 3.30%3.29%0.58%
MASONIC VLGS GRAND LODGE, Lancaster County Hospital Authority, Masonic Homes Project, Series 2008 4.00%3.99%0.42%
SEVIER CNTY TN PUBLIC BLDG AUT, The Public Building Authority of Sevier County, Tennessee, Revenue Program B, Series 2010V-C-1 3.38%3.37%0.38%
ESSEX CNTY NJ IMPT AUTH, Essex County Improvement Authority, New Jersey, Series 1986 3.30%3.29%0.28%
REGENTS OF UNIV MICHIGAN, University of Michigan, Series L-1 3.70%3.70%3.97%
COUNTY OF HENNEPIN MN, Hennepin County, Minnesota, Series A 3.55%3.54%3.62%
University of Texas System, Series A 3.80%3.80%3.44%
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY, Texas Technical University, Series A 3.60%3.60%3.17%
University of Minnesota, Series D 3.68%3.68%3.17%
HUDSON CITY OH, City of Hudson, Ohio, General Obligation Note, Series 2023 4.25%3.56%2.02%
CITY OF BLUE ASH OH, City of Blue Ash, Ohio, General Obligation Bond, Series 2024 4.00%3.50%2.02%
HAMILTON OH, City of Hamilton, Ohio, General Obligation Bond, Series 2023 4.50%3.63%1.33%
GAHANNA OH, Gahanna City, Ohio, General Obligation Limited Tax, Series 2023 5.13%3.90%0.99%
LUCAS CNTY OH, County of Lucas, Ohio Various Purpose Improvements Notes, Series 2023 4.38%4.00%0.53%