CREF Money Market Account Class R4


7-day Yield
as of 4/30/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
34% Treasuries
38% Treasury Repos
28% Agency Securities
as of 4/30/2024

Portfolio Securities

Fixed Income Clearing Corp. (FICC)/BNY Mellon, Fixed Income Clearing Corp. 5.320000%5.32%39.98%
Fixed Income Clearing Corp. (FICC)/State Street Bank & Trust Co., Fixed Income Clearing Corp. 5.310000%5.31%0.00%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.36%3.40%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.38%3.30%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.36%2.12%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%2.12%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.39%2.11%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%1.71%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%1.69%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%1.69%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.39%1.69%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%1.68%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.39%1.67%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%1.27%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.41%1.12%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.39%0.87%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.35%0.85%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.39%0.84%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.38%0.84%
U.S. Treasury Note 5.362700%5.35%0.83%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%0.83%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.26%0.81%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.38%0.74%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.40%0.65%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.37%0.43%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.40%0.42%
U.S. Treasury Note 2.250000%5.40%0.42%
U.S. Treasury Note 0.750000%5.39%0.41%
U.S. Treasury Bill5.24%0.40%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.320000%5.36%4.24%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.150000%5.27%3.08%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.320000%5.37%2.12%
Federal Home Loan Bank Discount Note5.15%1.96%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.320000%5.37%1.70%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.320000%5.37%1.70%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.320000%5.35%1.70%
Federal Home Loan Bank 5.320000%5.36%1.70%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.15%1.42%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.21%0.84%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.01%0.83%
Federal Home Loan Bank Discount Note5.01%0.82%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.01%0.81%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.24%0.80%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.01%0.74%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.01%0.62%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.06%0.61%
Federal Farm Credit Bank5.15%0.58%
Tennessee Valley Authority Discount Notes5.28%0.51%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.06%0.41%
Federal Home Loan Bank4.99%0.41%
Federal Home Loan Bank 3.250000%5.32%0.25%
Federal Farm Credit Bank5.01%0.21%
Federal Farm Credit Bank5.07%0.20%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.01%0.20%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.320000%5.13%0.17%
Federal Farm Credit Bank 5.000000%5.32%0.17%
Federal Home Loan Bank 3.750000%5.32%0.08%
Federal Farm Credit Bank5.15%0.08%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.24%0.07%
Federal Home Loan Bank4.98%0.07%
Federal Home Loan Bank5.06%0.04%
Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.5.07%0.02%