Allspring Money Market Fund - Class A


7-day Yield
as of 3/1/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
2% Treasury Repos
15% Agency Repos
5% Variable Rate Demand Notes
3% Tender Option Bonds
1% Municipal Bonds
25% CDs
3% Non-Negotiable CDs
4% Corporate Repos
1% Financial CP
40% Asset-Backed CP
1% Non-Financial CP
0% Other Instruments
0% Foreign Government Debt
as of 1/31/2024


Portfolio Securities

Chesham Finance Ltd. / Chesham Finance LLC 5.420000%5.51%1.16%
Erste Group Bank AG 5.330000%5.42%0.98%
Ionic Funding LLC5.52%0.81%
Lexington Parker Capital Co. LLC5.44%0.72%
Great Bear Funding LLC5.42%0.68%
Antalis SA5.52%0.64%
Chesham Finance Ltd. / Chesham Finance LLC5.43%0.63%
Chesham Finance Ltd. / Chesham Finance LLC0.00%0.63%
Bedford Row Funding Corp. 5.650000%5.74%0.56%
Anglesea Funding LLC 5.510000%5.60%0.53%
Bennington Stark Capital Co. LLC5.44%0.52%
Britannia Funding Co. LLC5.77%0.43%
Collateralized Commercial Paper V Co. LLC 5.660000%5.75%0.42%
Victory Receivables Corp.5.74%0.41%
Gotham Funding Corp.5.74%0.41%
Anglesea Funding LLC 5.550000%5.64%0.41%
Anglesea Funding LLC 5.550000%5.64%0.41%
Glencove Funding LLC5.70%0.40%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC5.44%0.40%
Ionic Funding LLC5.56%0.40%
Atlantic Asset Securitization LLC 5.590000%5.68%0.40%
Charta LLC5.66%0.39%
Britannia Funding Co. LLC5.75%0.38%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC5.44%0.37%
Antalis SA5.44%0.35%
Ridgefield Funding Co. LLC5.73%0.34%
Mountcliff Funding LLC5.72%0.33%
Armada Funding Co. LLC5.59%0.33%
Liberty Street Funding LLC5.59%0.33%
LMA-Americas LLC5.71%0.32%
Versailles Commercial Paper LLC5.54%0.31%
Ridgefield Funding Co. LLC5.65%0.31%
Chariot Funding LLC5.50%0.30%
Versailles Cds LLC5.77%0.30%
Matchpoint Finance PLC 5.760000%5.86%0.30%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC5.44%0.30%
Podium Funding Trust 5.870000%5.97%0.30%
Old Line Funding LLC5.73%0.30%
Anglesea Funding LLC 5.490000%5.58%0.30%
Albion Capital Corp. SA / Albion Capital LLC5.64%0.29%
Matchpoint Finance PLC5.35%0.29%
Alinghi Funding Co. LLC5.19%0.29%
Liberty Street Funding LLC5.74%0.28%
Collateralized Commercial Paper FLEX Co. LLC 5.800000%5.90%0.28%
Old Line Funding LLC5.34%0.28%
Ionic Funding LLC5.60%0.27%
Mountcliff Funding LLC5.44%0.27%
Mountcliff Funding LLC5.44%0.27%
Britannia Funding Co. LLC5.75%0.27%
Charta LLC5.64%0.27%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC 5.620000%5.71%0.27%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC 5.510000%5.60%0.27%
Britannia Funding Co. LLC5.80%0.27%
Chariot Funding LLC5.47%0.27%
Britannia Funding Co. LLC5.81%0.27%
Starbird Funding Corp. 5.700000%5.80%0.27%
Alinghi Funding Co. LLC5.85%0.27%
Anglesea Funding LLC 5.530000%5.62%0.27%
Versailles Commercial Paper LLC5.63%0.27%
Chariot Funding LLC 5.710000%5.81%0.27%
Thunder Bay Funding LLC 5.740000%5.84%0.27%
Collateralized Commercial Paper FLEX Co. LLC 5.600000%5.69%0.27%
Podium Funding Trust5.43%0.27%
Chariot Funding LLC 5.590000%5.68%0.27%
Collateralized Commercial Paper FLEX Co. LLC 5.680000%5.78%0.27%
Collateralized Commercial Paper FLEX Co. LLC 5.710000%5.81%0.27%
Collateralized Commercial Paper FLEX Co. LLC 5.600000%5.69%0.27%
Mountcliff Funding LLC 5.500000%5.59%0.27%
Legacy Capital Co. LLC 5.660000%5.75%0.27%
Bennington Stark Capital Co. LLC5.44%0.26%
Lexington Parker Capital Co. LLC 5.730000%5.83%0.26%
Ionic Funding LLC5.53%0.26%
Versailles Commercial Paper LLC 5.590000%5.68%0.26%
Nieuw Amsterdam Receivables Corp. BV5.31%0.26%
Podium Funding Trust5.59%0.26%
Legacy Capital Co. LLC 5.660000%5.75%0.26%
Britannia Funding Co. LLC5.76%0.25%
Podium Funding Trust5.69%0.25%
Albion Capital Corp. SA / Albion Capital LLC5.52%0.25%
Starbird Funding Corp.5.66%0.24%
Alinghi Funding Co. LLC5.57%0.24%
Collateralized Commercial Paper FLEX Co. LLC 5.840000%5.94%0.24%
Starbird Funding Corp. 5.730000%5.83%0.23%
LMA-Americas LLC5.67%0.23%
Mackinac Funding Co. LLC5.75%0.22%
CAFCO LLC5.39%0.22%
Manhattan Asset Funding Co. LLC5.39%0.22%
Armada Funding Co. LLC5.51%0.21%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC5.49%0.21%
Alinghi Funding Co. LLC5.79%0.21%
Mackinac Funding Co. LLC5.74%0.20%
Alinghi Funding Co. LLC5.78%0.20%
Victory Receivables Corp.5.45%0.20%
Britannia Funding Co. LLC5.80%0.20%
Albion Capital Corp. SA / Albion Capital LLC5.69%0.19%
Charta LLC5.71%0.18%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC 5.600000%5.69%0.18%
Armada Funding Co. LLC5.51%0.18%
LMA-Americas LLC5.40%0.18%
Glencove Funding LLC5.42%0.18%
Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC5.59%0.16%
Cabot Trail Funding LLC5.44%0.16%
Columbia Funding Co. LLC5.74%0.15%
Ridgefield Funding Co. LLC 5.730000%5.83%0.15%
Armada Funding Co. LLC5.56%0.15%
Ridgefield Funding Co. LLC5.71%0.15%
Charta LLC5.64%0.15%
Albion Capital Corp. SA / Albion Capital LLC5.58%0.15%
Ridgefield Funding Co. LLC5.74%0.15%
Antalis SA5.54%0.15%
Armada Funding Co. LLC5.58%0.15%
Liberty Street Funding LLC5.39%0.15%
Manhattan Asset Funding Co. LLC5.74%0.15%
Atlantic Asset Securitization LLC 5.690000%5.79%0.15%
LMA-Americas LLC5.55%0.15%
CRC Funding LLC5.35%0.15%
LMA-Americas LLC5.45%0.15%
Podium Funding Trust5.23%0.15%
Podium Funding Trust5.23%0.15%
Aquitaine Funding Co. LLC5.59%0.14%
Autobahn Funding Co. LLC5.51%0.14%
Aquitaine Funding Co. LLC5.47%0.14%
Ionic Funding LLC5.59%0.14%
Atlantic Asset Securitization LLC5.71%0.14%
Armada Funding Co. LLC5.56%0.14%
Old Line Funding LLC 5.680000%5.78%0.14%
Thunder Bay Funding LLC 5.680000%5.78%0.14%
LMA-Americas LLC5.77%0.14%
Anglesea Funding LLC5.72%0.13%
Ionic Funding LLC5.57%0.13%
Old Line Funding LLC5.80%0.13%
Antalis SA5.55%0.13%
Albion Capital Corp. SA / Albion Capital LLC5.52%0.13%
Charta LLC5.39%0.13%
Matchpoint Finance PLC5.55%0.13%
Liberty Street Funding LLC5.71%0.12%
Lexington Parker Capital Co. LLC5.52%0.12%
Barton Capital SA5.71%0.12%
Starbird Funding Corp.5.72%0.12%
LMA-Americas LLC5.74%0.12%
Podium Funding Trust5.73%0.12%
Armada Funding Co. LLC5.56%0.11%
Bedford Row Funding Corp.5.61%0.10%
Mainbeach Funding LLC5.44%0.09%
LMA-Americas LLC5.68%0.08%
Versailles Commercial Paper LLC5.69%0.08%
Britannia Funding Co. LLC5.74%0.08%
LMA-Americas LLC5.71%0.08%
LMA-Americas LLC5.71%0.08%
Mountcliff Funding LLC5.77%0.08%
Versailles Commercial Paper LLC5.46%0.08%
Atlantic Asset Securitization LLC5.49%0.07%
LMA-Americas LLC5.40%0.07%
LMA-Americas LLC5.72%0.06%
LMA-Americas LLC5.40%0.05%
Atlantic Asset Securitization LLC5.30%0.05%
Cabot Trail Funding LLC5.48%0.04%
LMA-Americas LLC5.59%0.04%
HSBC Bank USA NA 5.760000%5.86%0.60%
Natixis SA 5.630000%5.72%0.60%
National Australia Bank Ltd. 5.820000%5.92%0.57%
Swedbank AB 5.780000%5.88%0.53%
DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank 5.800000%5.90%0.51%
Toronto-Dominion Bank 5.920000%6.02%0.51%
Standard Chartered Bank 5.370000%5.46%0.48%
State Street Bank & Trust Co. 5.830000%5.93%0.45%
Svenska Handelsbanken 5.780000%5.88%0.45%
DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank 5.760000%5.86%0.45%
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 5.790000%5.89%0.45%
Royal Bank of Canada 5.860000%5.96%0.45%
Credit Industriel ET Commercial 5.220000%5.31%0.45%
Westpac Banking Corp. 5.810000%5.91%0.45%
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. 5.710000%5.81%0.42%
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Ltd. 5.630000%5.72%0.41%
Credit Industriel ET Commercial 5.670000%5.77%0.41%
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Ltd. 5.680000%5.78%0.41%
Cooperatieve Rabobank UA/NY 5.750000%5.85%0.41%
Natixis SA 5.370000%5.46%0.39%
HSBC Bank USA NA 6.000000%6.10%0.39%
Norinchukin BK NY BR 5.720000%5.82%0.38%
Woori Bank/Los Angeles 5.350000%5.44%0.38%
Nordea Bank Abp 5.820000%5.92%0.38%
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Ltd/ New York 5.610000%5.70%0.38%
BNP Paribas NY Branch 5.740000%5.84%0.38%
UBS AG 5.570000%5.66%0.38%
Nordea Bank Abp 5.820000%5.92%0.37%
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 5.470000%5.56%0.36%
Swedbank AB 5.670000%5.77%0.35%
Standard Chartered Bank 5.780000%5.88%0.30%
Bank of Montreal 5.810000%5.91%0.30%
BNP Paribas SA 5.860000%5.96%0.30%
Westpac Banking Corp. 5.790000%5.89%0.30%
Bank of Nova Scotia 5.820000%5.92%0.30%
MUFG Bank Ltd. 5.420000%5.51%0.30%
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 5.790000%5.89%0.30%
MUFG Bank Ltd/New York NY 5.710000%5.81%0.30%
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. 5.680000%5.78%0.30%
UBS AG 5.580000%5.67%0.30%
Svenska Handelsbanken 5.900000%6.00%0.30%
Bank of America NA 5.890000%5.99%0.30%
National Australia Bank Ltd. 5.680000%5.78%0.30%
Toronto-Dominion Bank 6.010000%6.11%0.30%
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 5.560000%5.65%0.30%
Cooperatieve Centrale 5.810000%5.91%0.30%
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 5.810000%5.91%0.30%
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 5.810000%5.91%0.30%
Royal Bank of Canada 5.670000%5.77%0.30%
Bank of America NA 5.860000%5.96%0.28%
MUFG Bank Ltd. 5.780000%5.88%0.27%
Citibank NA 5.860000%5.96%0.27%
Wells Fargo Bank NA 5.690000%5.79%0.27%
Bank of Montreal 5.840000%5.94%0.27%
Banco Santander SA/New York 5.850000%5.95%0.27%
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Ltd. 5.510000%5.60%0.27%
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 5.250000%5.34%0.27%
Citibank NA 5.270000%5.36%0.27%
Nordea Bank Abp 5.900000%6.00%0.26%
Banco Santander SA/New York 5.760000%5.86%0.25%
Svenska Handelsbanken 5.660000%5.75%0.24%
Standard Chartered Bank 5.900000%6.00%0.23%
Westpac Banking Corp. 5.710000%5.81%0.23%
Bank of America NA 5.770000%5.87%0.23%
Bank of Montreal 5.630000%5.72%0.23%
Bank of America NA 5.900000%6.00%0.20%
Toronto-Dominion Bank 6.000000%6.10%0.20%
Bank of Montreal 5.820000%5.92%0.20%
Citibank NA 5.660000%5.75%0.18%
Cooperatieve Centrale 5.900000%6.00%0.15%
Banco Santander SA 5.470000%5.56%0.15%
Royal Bank of Canada 5.910000%6.01%0.15%
Bank of Nova Scotia 5.820000%5.92%0.15%
Cooperatieve Centrale 5.780000%5.90%0.15%
Credit Agricole 5.410000%5.50%0.13%
Swedbank AB 5.900000%6.00%0.12%
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp. 5.610000%5.70%0.12%
Credit Industriel ET Commercial 5.800000%5.90%0.11%
Wells Fargo Bank NA 5.830000%5.68%0.06%
Rbc Dominion Securities, Inc. 5.320000%5.41%6.38%
Barclays Bank PLC 5.320000%5.41%5.70%
Standard Chartered Bank 5.320000%5.41%2.72%
Illinois Housing Development Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.30%
Private Colleges & Universities Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.29%
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 4.380000%4.38%0.28%
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency 5.370000%5.37%0.23%
Health & Educational Facilities Authority of the State of Missouri 5.330000%5.33%0.20%
Health & Educational Facilities Authority of the State of Missouri 5.330000%5.33%0.20%
Alaska Housing Finance Corp. 5.350000%5.44%0.19%
New Hampshire Business Finance Authority 5.490000%5.49%0.18%
Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.18%
North Texas Higher Education Authority, Inc. 5.380000%5.47%0.17%
Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority 5.460000%5.46%0.15%
Jets Stadium Development LLC 5.920000%5.92%0.15%
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%0.15%
City of Portland ME 5.350000%5.35%0.14%
Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corp. 5.350000%5.44%0.14%
New York State Housing Finance Agency 5.400000%5.40%0.14%
Illinois Housing Development Authority 5.330000%5.33%0.13%
New York State Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%0.13%
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%0.12%
Illinois Housing Development Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.11%
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.11%
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%0.11%
Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp. 5.380000%5.47%0.11%
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California 5.350000%5.35%0.10%
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%0.09%
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%0.09%
North Dakota Housing Finance Agency 5.400000%5.40%0.09%
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.09%
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%0.09%
New Hampshire Business Finance Authority 5.460000%5.46%0.08%
Maryland Community Development Administration 5.350000%5.38%0.08%
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%0.08%
Rhode Island Housing & Mortgage Finance Corp. 5.350000%5.35%0.08%
New Hampshire Business Finance Authority 5.490000%5.49%0.07%
Jets Stadium Finance Issuer 2015 LLC 5.920000%5.92%0.07%
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.06%
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency 5.350000%5.35%0.06%
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.05%
Illinois Housing Development Authority 5.350000%5.35%0.04%
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 5.360000%5.36%0.04%
Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. 5.320000%5.41%4.07%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.600000%5.60%0.55%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.600000%5.60%0.51%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.600000%5.60%0.38%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.710000%5.71%0.30%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.710000%5.71%0.29%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.600000%5.60%0.25%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.740000%5.74%0.20%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.600000%5.60%0.19%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.580000%5.58%0.16%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.430000%5.43%0.10%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.430000%5.43%0.10%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.580000%5.58%0.08%
Mizuho Floater/Residual Trust 5.630000%5.63%0.06%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.600000%5.60%0.05%
Tender Option Bond Trust Receipts/Certificates 5.520000%5.52%0.05%
Taxable Municipal Funding Trust 5.600000%5.60%0.02%
Mizuho Bank Ltd. 5.320000%5.41%1.34%
ABN AMRO 5.330000%5.42%0.98%
Credit Agricole 5.310000%5.40%0.53%
Federal Reserve Bank of New York 5.300000%5.39%2.11%
Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority 5.430000%5.52%0.17%
City & County of Honolulu HI 5.500000%5.52%0.16%
Long Island Power Authority 5.510000%5.61%0.14%
Trustees of Princeton University (The) 5.500000%5.59%0.12%
State of California 5.490000%5.58%0.10%
State of California 5.460000%5.48%0.09%
Long Island Power Authority 5.370000%5.48%0.09%
Long Island Power Authority 5.360000%5.49%0.06%
State of California 5.470000%5.49%0.06%
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey 5.400000%5.49%0.06%
State of California 5.460000%5.48%0.05%
Federation des Caisses Desjardins du Quebec5.73%0.27%
ING U.S. Funding LLC 5.840000%5.94%0.23%
Suncorp-Metway Ltd.5.64%0.20%
ING U.S. Funding LLC5.73%0.15%
Federation des Caisses Desjardins du Quebec5.49%0.10%
Mercy Health5.49%0.18%
Deaconess Hospital Obligated Group5.71%0.15%
Deaconess Hospital Obligated Group5.49%0.15%
Toyota Finance Australia Ltd.5.77%0.15%
Mercy Health5.48%0.14%
Toyota Finance Australia Ltd.5.74%0.06%
Ecmc Group, Inc. 5.380000%5.47%0.18%
American Association of Retired Persons Series 2001 5.370000%5.37%0.11%
Willow Partners LP 5.460000%5.46%0.05%
Province of British Columbia Canada5.31%0.19%
Ontario Teachers' Finance Trust5.41%0.15%