Victory Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund


7-day Yield
as of 2/22/2024
Net assets
Expense ratio
Holding details
100% Variable Rate Demand Notes
as of 1/31/2024


Portfolio Securities

Parish of St. James, 4.0500%4.05%4.62%
Garfield County Industrial Authority, 4.1000%4.10%4.60%
City of Houston Texas Combined Utility System, 4.7700%4.77%4.48%
Jackson County IDA, 4.6000%4.60%4.40%
New Hampshire Business Finance Authority, 4.5800%4.58%4.40%
South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority, 4.7800%4.78%3.83%
Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 4.5000%4.50%3.59%
Port of Arthur Navigation District Industrial Development Corp., 3.6200%3.62%3.52%
Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Government, 3.9000%3.90%3.32%
Illinois Finance Authority, 4.5200%4.52%3.30%
MOBILE COUNTY IDA, Mobile County IDA, 4.7000%4.70%3.30%
City of Rochester, 4.7100%4.71%3.07%
Iowa Finance Authority, 4.5800%4.58%2.99%
Chattanooga Health Educational & Housing Facility Board, 4.1000%4.10%2.64%
West Virginia Hospital Finance Authority, 4.5200%4.52%2.48%
Illinois Educational Facilities Authority, 4.9000%4.90%2.39%
APPLING COUNTY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, Development Authority of Appling County, 3.7000%3.70%2.38%
Loudoun County Economic Development Authority, 3.1400%3.14%2.20%
Loudoun County Economic Development Authority, 3.1400%3.14%2.20%
City of Georgetown, 4.8000%4.80%2.12%
Port of Port Arthur Navigation District, 4.0000%4.00%1.98%
City of St. Marys, 4.0000%4.00%1.89%
New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, 3.7500%3.75%1.83%
City of Burlington, 4.0200%4.02%1.81%
Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority, 4.0000%4.00%1.80%
THE BURKE COUNTY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, The Development Authority of Burke County, 3.6000%3.60%1.72%
New York City Capital Resources Corp., 4.7700%4.77%1.65%
Town of Williamsport, 4.6700%4.67%1.56%
Port of Port Arthur Navigation District, 4.0000%4.00%1.54%
Iowa Finance Authority, 4.5800%4.58%1.49%
Ramapo Housing Authority, 4.6700%4.67%1.38%
New Mexico Hospital Equipment Loan Council, 4.7000%4.70%1.10%
Iowa Finance Authority, 3.7700%3.77%1.10%
Indiana Finance Authority, 4.6700%4.67%1.07%
Build NYC Resource Corp., 4.7200%4.72%1.06%
Village of Channahon, 4.5000%4.50%0.99%
City of Burlington, 4.0200%4.02%0.92%
Edmond Economic Development Authority, 4.5900%4.59%0.91%
St. Tammany Corp., 4.7800%4.78%0.91%
Port of Port Arthur Navigation District, 3.9000%3.90%0.88%
Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency, 4.6700%4.67%0.84%
City of Berne, 4.6700%4.67%0.81%
County of St. Lucie, 3.3000%3.30%0.75%
Rhode Island Commerce Corp., 3.7300%3.73%0.66%
Mississippi Business Finance Corp., 4.7800%4.78%0.64%
County of Escambia, 3.6500%3.65%0.64%
Metropolitan Government Nashville & Davidson County Health & Educational Facilities Board, 4.8000%4.80%0.50%
Guilderland Industrial Development Agency, 4.8500%4.85%0.50%
St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency, 4.7000%4.70%0.36%
Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corp., 3.4000%3.40%0.32%
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, 5.2300%5.23%0.24%
County of Hamilton, 4.8000%4.80%0.10%